Brick & Mortar?

The question is: “What’s the next step for Galaxy Rune after the cookbook?”

Option 1: Come out with another cookbook. There are several recipes that aren’t making the cut for a variety of reasons. There might be enough material to create a follow up cookbook. Maybe a more intricate cookbook related to food science or extremely difficult topics like bread and cheeses? Maybe homesteading books?

Option 2: Open another restaurant. Probably in the LA area and focus on franchising from the start. 10 restaurants in 10 years, maybe more. Seattle is a rough market for vegan restaurants but other regions can help it blow up faster.

Option 3: Open a delicatessen and offer online ordering. Pastrami, bacon, cheesecakes, pepperoni, breakfast sausage, etc.

Option 4: Manufacturing for retail and foodservice distribution. Start on the west coast from as far south as San Francisco to as North as Everett. Push in Costo, Kroger, etc. We’d start with a smaller selection from option 3 and expand as the market allows.

The last option is most appealing to us. What are your thoughts?






One response to “Brick & Mortar?”

  1. Yvonne Avatar

    option 3 or 4. Would hate not to have the food available, here.

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