Cookbook Update

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WordPress updated and the website’s previous theme crashed. Should be good to go and we now get to see your comments!

We’re constantly working on the cookbook. We’ve gone through several changes for how we’ve envisioned the final cookbook.

We currently have around 100 recipes. The cookbook will have suggestions and explanations on how to adjust recipes to create new dishes and suite them better to individual tastes & diets. Recipes will have listed difficulties and times to create. The simplest dish has only 2 ingredients and a prep time of 2 minutes (and an 8 hour cook time)! Our most complex dishes take over an hour to prepare. Explanations are given throughout to facilitate you in making all kinds of tweaks to your liking.

Currently we have seven basic food sections: breakfast, entrees, sides, snacks, desserts, basics, and fancy proteins. The last section covers sausages, roasts, deli slices, etc. Our cheesecake is unrivaled and we strongly suspect that companies will change their recipes once our cookbook is released. We’ll have simple recipes for things like soymilk, yogurt, mayonnaise, margarine. Eggnog and hot cocoa. Stroganoff, gumbo, pulled pork, and fajitas. Fried rice that Uncle Roger would be impressed with. Coleslaw, potato salad, granola bars, pizza. Banana bread that works. Chicken poppers, Mexican wedding cakes, and bacon.

Yes, we know some omnivores get offended when vegans use “meat” terms to describe food. To those confused souls we suggest they go suck on some haggis. 🙂

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9 responses to “Cookbook Update”

  1. Melanie Avatar

    Veggie haggis is good too 🙂

    Do you have a recipe for sour cream? The two I’ve tried didn’t turn out right. The mayo I’ve tried seemed funny too. (But that’s something I rarely eat anyway).

    Looking forward to it!

    1. Galaxy Rune Avatar
      Galaxy Rune

      The haggis insult is from the emphasis on the sausage casing. We did look into vegan sausage casing. Unfortunately, the equipment costs a cool $100k…

      Sour cream is proving to be difficult so we don’t yet have a good enough version. It’s on the list though!

  2. Yvonne Avatar

    I really miss the spicy pulled pork sandwich and your chocolate shakes. Will these recipes be in the cookbook?

    1. Galaxy Rune Avatar
      Galaxy Rune

      The pulled pork will be. The recipe for our ice cream will be included, though you might need an ice cream maker.

      1. Yvonne Avatar

        So looking forward to it! We miss your food!

  3. Debbie Morris Avatar
    Debbie Morris

    I’m really looking forward to your cookbook. Your cheese is the best vegan cheese I’ve ever tasted. I hope it’s in the cookbook. I miss your restaurant! Do you have a release date for your book? Thank you!

    1. Galaxy Rune Avatar
      Galaxy Rune

      We are working feverishly to get the cookbook done. We are hoping to have it available this year. We are currently looking at finishing it up before the end of August. We’re working with/looking for a publisher or will self publish. People are going to flip their shit when they get this cookbook.

  4. Rachel Avatar

    Miss you guys! My favorite item was the Hellboy burger. The burger! The cheese! The sauce! The spice! Complete perfection! Any chance that will be in the cookbook?

    1. Galaxy Rune Avatar
      Galaxy Rune

      The burger is very difficult to make at home and we’re not sure if we’re going to be able to include it. But the Hell Sauce recipe will be in it. You’re in for a treat, I promise!

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