Hello beautiful people,

Our Mission Statement:
To serve vegan food to everyone.
Our restaurant is singularly focused on our mission statement. Anything that gets in the way of our mission statement is something we don’t support.

Our History:
Galaxy Rune is family ran business with Janae & Joshua. The name is derived from the middle names of our daughters, Ithilien and Ophelia, respectively. We got tired of hearing from non-vegans how there is no such thing as good vegan food. We saw an opportunity and went for it. While this is less lucrative than what we used to do, we are now in a labor of love.

Our Ingredients:
We are a 100% vegan restaurant. We use nothing derived from animal sources, hydrogenated oils (trans fats), jackfruit, tempeh, or tofu. Our approach to food is to use science to create the best food possible while looking out for the what’s best for the environment and human health.

Our Food:
We search far and wide to find the best food possible. We have the highest standards, even if we just a burger place. If we’re not able to find or create something to meet our standards, we leave it off the menu.

To Our Omnivore Customers:
To our omnivore customers and potential customers: we’re not here to judge you but to give you the best food possible. So bring your leather jackets and fur coats to us and give us a chance to change your mind on vegan food.

To Our Vege Customers:
You keep us going and massively appreciate your support.

In Closing:
We strive to be the best restaurant and we take pride in the fruits of our labor. Let us know what you think of our food. Positive feedback warms our souls and negative feedback strengths us through adversity. Thank you for supporting us.

-Galaxy Rune